Would you like to develop as a salesperson and as an individual? Sambas 4-month systematic and long-term training program combining:

  • Mental training
  • Physical training
  • Sales technique
The program will strengthen you as an individual and in your sales performance.

Sales technique

For us, selling is about us to help the customer to the right decision. It’s important to understand the process of building a relationship with a potential customer, to connect and create trust. To understand the customer’s business is a key to THEN delivering value.

Through lectures, discussions, exercises and training you focus on the details, gaining new experiences and tools to develop your way of working to achieve top results. We provide you with tools to work with your personal development in both future sales and everyday situations.

Mental training

Mental training is a scientifically based and systematically developed training of mental processes, your thoughts, goals, attitudes and emotions. The goal is to function better through exercise, which both increases your quality of life and improves your performance as a salesperson. Thousands of scientific studies have shown that regular practice of mental training provides:

  • Higher energy level
  • Better self-esteem
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Sense of calmness, control and mental strength

These effects also give a clear positive impact on several physiological processes that occur in the body.

Physical training

Just like an athlete, you can influence the results in your work as salesperson based on your physical status. Factors like efficiency and concentration are significantly improved with good health.

The program includes an understanding for physical training and coaching in the area. We start with physical tests, you set up individual goals and an actionplan to reach the goals in the long run and after the 4 months we do follow-up test.


Taking a traditional course gives inspiration and enjoyment, but when the course is over, it's easy to fall back into old patterns. Therefore our concept is different, we continue the work together. Through own training, and coaching you will create new, good routines. During the 4 months, you have access to our coaches. We coach and target results, effort and quality, your educational goals and your goals within sales.


We are planning a launch of the Sales training program, digitaly in English, in 2018. Please leave leave your contact information and we will get back to you prior to the launch.